Albert Einstein once said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” I believe those words to be true, and I live by them. I love teaching.  Nothing brings me a greater sense of fulfillment than empowering my students to reach their artistic goals. 
I believe that all students have potential. Whether they are blessed with natural talent and ability, not. I believe there is always opportunity for growth. I strive to reach each of my students at their level and to equip them with the tools they need to succeed. During my years as an adjunct Professor of Voice at Portland State University and Linfield College, I have had the great privilege of teaching students with a variety of skill levels and goals, in a variety of styles. I believe these experiences have made me a better teacher. Whether teaching operatic or musical theater repertoire, beginning musicianship or advanced vocal pedagogy, I feel confident in my ability to reach any student.
A good teacher must also be a good student. I am constantly striving to learn and grow as an educator. I greatly value the input of my students, and the wisdom of my colleagues.  Whenever I am lucky enough to share the stage with a singer whose voice is healthy, flexible, and expressive, I take the opportunity to speak with them about what they believe to be the basis of good technique and effective performance. Over the years, the common threads I have found through these conversations have become the core of my teaching. I now believe there are several effective schools of technique, and many ways to conceptualize singing. My primary function as a teacher is to match each student with the concepts that work for her. There is no single magical tool that works for every one. A good teacher needs many tools if she wants to help many people. 
I believe it is important for a teacher to continue to practice their craft by performing.  While I do have national and international credits on my resume, I strive to keep most of my performing close to home in order to limit the disruption to my teaching and family life. Over the past ten years I have performed with nearly every arts organization in the area. I perform in a variety of styles, including opera, music theater, jazz, and choral literature. My many strong connections with local arts organizations have resulted in increased opportunities for my students. They have been invited to audition for, and perform with, many local groups.
If you are interested in lessons, please contact me using the form found on the "contact" tab. Lessons are $50/hour. I accept students of all ages and skill levels and am willing to work on most styles of music.
Keep singing!